5 Easy Hairdos For Brides-To-Be That Are Perfect For Pre-Wedding Shoot

///5 Easy Hairdos For Brides-To-Be That Are Perfect For Pre-Wedding Shoot
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Every couple wants a pre-wedding shoot these days. And why not, these are some of the photographs that will remain fresh in your memory even decades later. While for guys it may not seem like a task, girls may have to work a little harder in getting their hair right.

So, here goes a list of a few recommended hairstyles, which you can sport for your much-awaited photo shoot. Believe us, all of them are very easy!

1. Bun It Up!

Whenever in doubt, make a bun, but just make sure it’s not your regular jooda. Add a twist by doing your hair from the front, and create a faux puff by backcombing them.

If you are rather too scared because it leaves your hair tangled, you could just make a loose braid or a twisty, and pin the front section with a bobby pin. See, there you go!

2. Braid It Right!

We love braids of every kind, so much so that we encourage you to sport a side-swept braided ponytail for your pre-wedding shoot. It’s quite a dynamic hairstyle that goes with both Indian and western outfits.

If you don’t believe us, then take a look at this picture, where the bride is carrying it off easily. It’s charming and stylish at the same time.

3. Faux Bob

If you don’t want to wear a bun or are not comfortable keeping your untamed tresses open, you can absolutely sport a hairstyle, which will make everyone believe that you actually cut them short!

Yeah, you heard it right! You can fake short hair by styling them in a way that it seems as if it’s a bob cut. Depending on the length and how you style it, you can keep them tucked safely using bobby pins and some hair gel!

4. Band-It Up

How about yet another effortless look? The simple, easy-to-do, and trendy hairstyle is what we love! This hairstyle reminds us a little of the vintage Bollywood era in just a jiffy! Isn’t it? You just have to be sure that you place the band not too close to your forehead or far behind for it to fall.

5. The Lazy Bride-To-Be Can Keep Them Open

If you are blessed with naturally curly hair or even if not, this natural look will definitely work for you. Some of you prefer keeping them open so that there is enough room to experiment with a different hairstyle for other functions.

Not a bad idea! And, in case you have straight hair, go for loose curls- they go well with any outfit you wear.


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