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Social Media Marketing For Wedding Industry Professionals

No one in the glittery world of the wedding business can escape social media, yet it sure is time-consuming when you are trying to run a business!

Your clients are there, chatting, networking and checking out the competition. I offer innovative social media management and growth to get you connected with your clients.

Best of all? I speak your language and know where to find your ideal clients.

Let’s Grow Your Following And Get You More Business!

Are you busy working on your business? Do Facebook updates, tweets and networking, Instagram posting and Pinterest boards overwhelm you and leave you feeling too stretched to focus on what you love the most, being a wedding professional? This is where I come in.

Social media is where your clients are so one of the best investments you can make is getting it rocking and rolling!

Make an Impact

  • ✔ Powerful Social Media Presence
  • ✔ 1-2 daily targeted posts 7 days a week
  • ✔ Content Creation & Branded Graphics
  • ✔ Interaction and Industry Networking

Make me Shine

  • ✔ Social Media Post
  • ✔ Blog Post
  • ✔ 1-2 daily posts 7 days a week

Content Marketing  For Wedding Industry Professionals

Targeted content is the best way to get your wedding business noticed. From blogs to website content, features, and advertising campaigns, I write copy that will make your business shine!

Fresh, clear content on your website, not only does wonders for your SEO growth, but also gain industry visibility, and gives you a place to show off your expertise.

I write targeted content that creates a buzz. It’s time for the words on your page to truly reflect your vision.

Let’s make your copy work for you!

Do You Blog?

We all know how massive blogs are now and let’s face it, we don’t all have the time to get great content online!

People are searching the internet every day looking for inspiration and ideas, especially for their weddings. Having a blog for your business increases your reach, your influence and endorses your brand.

Need help getting your blog set up and optimized? Perhaps just some training on how to use one?

Is The Copy On Your Website Working For You? Ask yourself…

* Is your homepage inviting? Would you buy your services?

* Does your about us page connect with your clients? Will they leave knowing who you are?

* Do your service pages truly sell your worth?

* Do you know if the back end of your website is optimized for Google?

* Do you have a media pack ready and waiting for those calls?

If so, amazing! If not, I am here to help!

Business & Marketing Planning For Wedding Industry Startups

Ok, so which one resonates with you?

1. You’ve recently trained as a Wedding pro, maybe a Wedding Planner, a Celebrant, or Photographer?  (Congrats, it’s an AMAZING industry!).

2. Your business is up and running, but you feel like you’re not making the most of your business potential online?

I am here to get you up and running, saving you time to work on other important parts of your business. I will help you get strategic with your marketing. I design gorgeous brands and websites too and know how exactly how to get your social media optimized and growing.

Want to get your business out there with a bang? I will launch your business online for you! I will get you rocking and rolling in no time!

Here’s What I Can Offer You

I’ll look after you, don’t you worry!  I know EXACTLY what it is like to start up a new business or just need a business revamp, so I’ve put together this lovely little packages to help you get up and running!


  • Marketing Strategy
  • Brand Design
  • Web Design
  • Content Creation
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Launch Management