Simple Steps for Newly-weds To Perform Diwali Puja At Home

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When you are a newly-wed, you have all sorts of hopes and dreams in your mind. But, if you and your husband are staying away from his family (and yours too), you also have a countless number of responsibilities on your shoulders, like decorating the home, managing the budget, and so on. During festivals, your responsibilities and duties increase even further. You have to organize and perform Diwali puja at home according to the proper traditions, without any help from the elder family members. Here are some Simple Steps for Newly-weds To Perform Diwali Puja At Home.

1. Clean your home

Diwali puja is done to worship goddess Lakshmi, who is considered to be the goddess of wealth. It is largely believed that goddess Lakshmi likes to shower her blessings on those homes that are neat and clean, and where people are warm and welcoming. So, get on the job along with your husband and clean your entire house properly. You will be surprised as to how much waste and junk you will throw after the cleaning is done. After this, clean your mandir with a fresh cloth and decorate it with lights and flowers.

If you do not have a mandir inside your home, then place a raised platform in a corner of the room, preferably North-East, and spread a red cloth on it to perform the puja.

2. Things needed for the Diwali puja

Here are a few specific items that you will need for the puja:

1) A Kalasham (a metallic or an earthen pot), a thali (a plate), diyas (clay lamps), ghee, uncooked rice, kumkum (vermillion), turmeric, incense sticks, sweets, and a bell to ring during the aarti.

2) Idols of Lakshmi and Ganesha (you can also keep an idol of goddess Saraswati).

3) Flower garlands and rose petals.

4) Paan leaves or mango leaves.

5) Betel nut (supari), fruits, dry fruits.


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