Why wedding hashtag generators are bad, and when will they be good

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I couldn’t have found a better picture to explain my point, like in the movie Robo a human is a human!
Now, This blog will likely fall under the category of too much information, but it’s something I have thought a lot about, so I wanted to share my thoughts in case anyone was interested.
As good as AI and Natural Language Processing have become over the last decade, computers are still incapable of interpreting language.
The most sophisticated algorithms can convert speech to text, convert text to speech, categorize articles, and even extract useful tidbits of information. However, when it comes to creating a play on words, puns, and even clever rhyme schemes, it takes a human.
This is why all of our hashtags are written by humans, and why generators are simply pulling from a list of generic hashtags when creating your wedding hashtag.
It will probably be at least a decade or two until computing is so advanced as to be creative enough to create a wedding hashtag.
Computers are just calculators. They do about 2 billion very simple calculations every second.
This allows them to run programs. The most advanced of which is artificial intelligence;
however, this “intelligence” is really just an optimization function that maximizes or minimizes the value of an equation by finding ideal values for all the inputs.
Optimizing something like the probability of a user clicking on a Netflix video is well within the domain of computers.
Optimizing how punny a wedding hashtag is? Nope.
For now, you need a human for coming up with a funny hashtag.
Of course, you already know this if you have ever tried a wedding hashtag generator.

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